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WordPress is a modern publishing platform focusing the aesthetics, web standards, and usability of your site. It’s free of charges and free to use.

More simply, WordPress is for publishing and not for fighting with it.


Joomla! is a free content management system, which can help you to build a professional website. Since its using is easy to learn, not just individual users, but companies and other firms often chooses Joomla! all around the world.

Zend Framework

Zend Framework is an open source, object-oriented web application framework for PHP 5. It’s often referred to as ‘component directory’ because it has many components, which can be used more or less independently. But Zend Framework also provide an advanced “Model-View-Controller (MVC)” implementation, which can help you to create the basic structure of your Zend Framework applications.


Drupal became available for public usage on January 15, 2001, when Dries Buytaert published the first version of it on the internet. Since then, the system has evolved a lot, and it has become a widely used content management system (CMS).


Symfony is a complete framework too, but essentially it is a PHP library of cohesion classes.

It provides architectures, components and tools for developers to help creating complex web applications more quickly. With Symfony, you can build your applications quicker, you can make them operational and scalable without a problem, and can maintain without surprises.

Symfony is based on experience. It didn’t reinvent the wheel: it just uses the most of the best web development techniques and integrates them to some great third-party accessible directories.


Magento is an eCommerce software platform for growth and revolutionizing the industry. Its modular architecture and outstanding flexibility can enable your business to no longer be limited by your e-commerce platform. Magento equals total control.


osCommerce is a popular and open source, e-commerce web store solution that is backed by a dedicated, strong and growing community. osCommerce is released under the GNU General Public License.

Zen Cart

Zen Cart™ is truly the art of e-commerce: it is a free, user friendly, open source shopping promoter/supporter software. This e-commerce webdesigner program is developed by groups of shop owners, programmers, designers and consultants who believe that webdesign in e-commerce can be and should be created differently.


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