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Accredited registrar

For more than 10 years on the market

Web-Server Ltd. was established in 2001, under the name Hungarian Business Network LP. At the beginnings, we tried many things to have chance to prosper in the IT market. We made our first steps towards creating websites, then we became a microwave internet service provider helped with homemade devices. These first tries were not too successful, then came the idea to start a hosting service. We found our place quickly at the relatively small market. Our custom-developed systems appeal the customers, and thanks to the continously ongoing hardware and software developments, our company has grown to a serious, reliable IT partner in the past 10 years.

Our team

Currently our staff is working on two major teams: Front Office (customer service, customer relations) and Back Office (technical support, system administrating). We are employing marketing assistants and a knowledge manager as well.


Egri Zsolt

Zsolt EGRI

I founded the company right after my high school graduation in 2001. We went through a lot of change during my college years, but finally found our profile in hosting and domain services. It became the only and strategically the most significant field of our business activities. Currently I carry out strategical, managing and marketing tasks within the company. Although I graduated as a software engineer, I learned management and marketing as an autodidact with the help of many professional books and seminars. My goal is to provide supporting services to web presence for our customers with the best possible services and the most fast forward administration, and to help them reaching online success.
Gulyás Adrienn

Adrienn GULYÁS

I am Adrienn Gulyás, I started to work here in 2007. Shortly after that, I have been honored to be the office manager. Besides communicating with our clients, my duties are to coordinate my colleagues’ work, organize several events and trainings, and keep in contact with our external partners. My team and I are trying to do everything to make our clients more and more satisfied. In the office we also have funny or unforgetable moments nearly every day. I remember a case, when one of our clients started his letter with this: Dear Adrienn Kovács! He was cute! After work, I usually learn something new, extend my collections, listen to music or cook. If I can accomplish only one of these activites, I take calls recharged in the following day.
Vargáné Tóth Júlia


I am Júlia Vargáné Tóth, and I have been working at Web-Server Ltd. since August, 2009., as a Customer Service Associate. My job is to give information for our clients, and forward eventually appearing issues to more competent system administrator colleagues. My goal is to make proper, day-to-day communication with our customers. I like challenges I meet during my daily work. I can learn something new in every day. With my colleagues I work hard to have more and more fully satisfied customers. My motto: Success is not just a matter of luck. Hard and persistent work is its recipe!
Barnácz Judit Zsófia

Judit Zsófia BARNÁCZ

My name is Judit Zsófia Barnácz, and I have been working for this company since December, 2012., at Customer Service Department. My daily tasks are to provide information for our clients, solve their problems, or forward them to our system admins. I like working with people and being amongs them. I also like spending my spare time with my friends, cooking or cycling.
Nagy Lóránd

Lóránd NAGY

I started to work here in 2012. I could learn several new things, and met many new challenges since then. I knew that my job will require continous learning and the development of my skills. I am sure, that I will succeed at new challenges as well, and our customer service will be able to fulfil every expectation. It is really important for me to provide correct and exact information to clients, because it can increase their satisfying level. A good Customer Service Associate is up to date, precise, and nice. These are the main characteristics of my daily work.

Back Office

Bencsik Imre


Hi! I have been working for the company since November, 2008. My job contains domain registrations, customer relations,  and registering problem calls. In my spare time I design and maintain small websites, mostly wordpress based ones. I love wearing funny T-shirts. I believe in the use of free softwares, and I always try to look for free alternatives. Motto: “Google is your friend!”


Angalét Boglárka

Boglárka ANGALÉT

Since September, 2011., when I became a member of the Web-Server team as a knowledge manager, I have the opportunity to look closely and know better the complexity of the company’s working processes. My job is to discover and stabilize the knowledge within the company. It is hidden sometimes, but can give a good basis for increasing productivity and quality of processes. My goals are to evolve with the dynamic team of Web-Server and contribute to its success with my work.

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